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This post here is for personal conversations which should happen but one or both of us doesn't want to put up a new post/log and thus we will just thread it out here. This can be used to thread with [ profile] sapphire_sniper anytime and anywhere. This can either be in person (with action), or via the journal's call feature (voice and/or written).

When replying to this post please mark in the subject line when and how it is taking place EX:
[Action, March 11th]
[Voice, September 8th]
Written, June 10th]

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So I've been thinking.  There's a lot of us here that probably work out or train on our own, at all sorts of odd hours, right?  Some with military backgrounds, some just health-conscious, but if enough people are interested, I'm hoping to organize a group workout program.

I'd need at least one or two other people to help me organize and lead things, and I don't have a lot of concrete details yet, but I've written down and attached a basic outline for what sort of things this program would entail.

Obviously, the big draw for this would be helping everyone keep in shape, meet new people, and get to know each other better... but I've been thinking about other benefits too, depending on how far people are willing to take this.  I'm not up to speed with the current situation on this world, but last time I was in Luceti, things were really heating up between the Malnosso and the Third Party, and when they'd draft us to fight for them, the Malnosso didn't exactly pick people based on their suitability for the task.  I'm not saying this should turn into some sort of boot camp, but the opportunity is there to help more people learn to work together and defend themselves.  Unless things have taken a big turn for the better while I was away, it certainly can't hurt.

At any rate, here are my notes so far on things, nothing certain quite yet, but I wanted to get some input and gauge interest from others about a few things.

  • Multiple different exercise programs on alternating days
  • Recruit other "teachers" with experience in different workout methods
  • 1 or 2 sessions per day, depending on participation
  • Varying intensity workouts
  • Focus  on aerobics and calisthenics, minimal equipment use
  • Encourage others to share training regimens/styles
  • Alternate between standard aerobics and martial arts
  • Squad training for military types once a week
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[The hour is late on the 30th.  The moon strains against the barrier, the town is in chaos, and many of Luceti's residents have fled to seek shelter, but a solitary figure remains, unafraid.  Arms akimbo, he stands atop the roof of Community House 1, staring defiantly through his paper-bag mask at the moon.

Also, he's not wearing a shirt.

Once he starts shouting, those who know him might recognize Michael's voice- though he's putting on a vaguely Australian accent.]

Haha!  I like your moxie, sir.  It takes courage for a mere natural satellite to challenge Saxton Hale!  I've been looking for a chance to tangle with a celestial body for a while now.

[Raising one fist to the sky, he shakes it defiantly.]

Bidwell has been telling me it's impossible, and our experiments in moon-destroying weapons have all ended in fire.  [Boisterous laughter ensues, until he finally snaps back into his original pose.]  Well have I got news for you chum!  All of Mann Co.'s weapons research ends in fire!  You moons' days of orbiting planets unassailed are numbered, but if you've got the guts to come down here and fight me mano-a-luna, we'll get the party started today!

[Michael puts his fists up, bouncing from one foot to the other like a bare-knuckle boxer.  This continues for a solid minute or so, until he seems to get tired of waiting for the Moon to oblige and get within arm's reach.]

Oh, scared are you? Not so tough on this side of the barrier I bet!

[Retiring to a large armchair carefully placed to allow a clear view of the moon from it's place at one corner of the roof, Michael tents his fingers.]

I can't blame you for having second thoughts about challenging Saxton Hale however.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I'll wait here while you gather the courage to challenge the man who is probably your childhood hero or something.  Now if only Bidwell were here.  I'm absolutely parched.
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[Luceti, have what appears to be a bird's eye view of your lovely little town, a tight cluster of geometric interrupting the green expanse of the surrounding forest. After a few moments with this view rotating slowly over the feed, Michael finally speaks up from somewhere out of the journal's view.]

So I finally decided to break from my standard training routine in the Battle Dome- Best decision I've make in a long, long time.

[The journal is carefully removed from it's place pressed against the cockpit glass of Michael's Dome-generated VF-25. When he turns it around, the blond pilot is surrounded by controls, screens, and readouts, with a long, low dome arching over his head.]

It's not the real thing, but it's miles better than any flight simulator I've ever been in. Anyone want a fly-along? I believe I've owed you one for a while Katara~


Aug. 22nd, 2011 05:08 pm
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[So Michael has mostly been busy with various distractions- his new guitar, finally reconnecting with Tsinku, pretending the Battle Dome doesn't exist, that sort of thing.  But he's finally decided that maybe, just maybe, it's time for a little socialization.]

I think I may have put off checking out that amusement park long enough.  Any rides or games worth recommending?  I'm also offering my services as a ringer for any and all shooting galleries that might be there~

And I thought it would be a great place for us to go for a date.  If you're still interested of course.

[End Filter]
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[The entry opens to the sound of a few nervous chords strummed on an acoustic guitar, and then slowly, Michael begins playing this song.  The guitar work is grossly amateurish, and he is just barely humming along with the words, but when he reaches the "woah-oh-woaaah" portion near the end, you can at least tell his heart's in it.]

Just like I told you Sheryl, this place is better with a little more music.

[Did Michael's voice just crack?]

It would be a whole lot better if you were still around to sing though.

[He'll be by the fountain well into the evening, practicing his new guitar until his fingers are bloody, his rifle propped carefully by his side in case of an interruption from the holodeck battle dome malfunction.]
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For anyone who might have known Ranka, she's no longer one of the Malnosso's lab rats.  Back home with the Frontier colony on their new home-world,  working on her singing career.

[It doesn't <i>quite</i> sound like he's all that happy about this development.  Sure he's glad that Ranka's a universe away from Luceti now, but his days are going to be a little less bright without her around.

He won't be answering his journal today, but at least he'll be hard to find.  Michael will be kicking ass and taking names in the Battle Dome well into the afternoon, where he'll be fighting with just about every conceivable weapon BUT a rifle for once.  More than a few sessions might be a losing battle though, particularly since he knows next to nothing about how to handle melee weapons besides his combat knife.  Help, or at least pointers, would be great.

After all that? Michael will linger at the bar in Good Spirits for most of the evening- not drinking himself into a stupor of course, but he'll be putting back more than a few before finally heading home to his too-empty apartment.]
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[Scary is a new look for Michael, but he wears it well- those eyes can manage murderous... better than flirtatious, even.

And he hasn't smiled in at least... five whole seconds.  And counting.]

It seems the Third Party has been replaced by a rogue Zentradi force, judging by the fact that they need a singer in there more than another soldier.

[Still not smiling, instead he sighs, causing his entire body to sag like a stuffed animal with half the stuffing removed.]

I need someone I can trust among those being sent into combat. 
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[It's been a few days in coming- but Michael had to prepare.  Order them at the flower shop- making sure Raine didn't notice, getting an early enough start to be in and out of the school building without being noticed. 

Tuesday morning though, it all comes together.  As everyone files into the classroom for the day, they'll be greeted by the sight of two gigantic bouquets of lilies occupying the corners of Raine's desk.  No notes or anything indicating the sender... but Michael <i>is</i> grinning like a fox in the hen house.

Alternatively- feel free to catch him sneaking around town in the gray hours of the morning hauling around two armfuls of flower~]
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I have to hand it to the Malnosso... they never seem to run out of new ideas when it comes to making our lives miserable.

[What starts out sounding like a disgruntled sigh turns into something more like a cat growling before being cut off completely.]

At least they're keeping the shop stocked with plenty of fish.

[And because I'm late to the party, general action shenanigans can be had here- He'll be a lot of places over the course of the week- exploring the forest, being oddly affectionate to people he knows for the half-second it takes for him to realize what he's doing, watching fish swim around in the river and failing miserably in his attempts to catch them with his bare hands, and sometime around Tuesday we'll say he ends up stranded on the roof of the clothing store.  Because getting up there in the first place was the easy part..]
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[The journal opens to reveal a blond, shirtless young man picking his way carefully through the forest.  In spite of an occasional mumbled profanity, his disposition seems quite positive.]

Not exactly what I was expecting to open my eyes to, but I'll take it.

I do have a few questions for anyone who sees this though. In order of priority, where am I, how do I get back to civilization, and what happened to my shirt?

[He pauses for a moment, staring off in the distance before returning his gaze to the journal.]

You know what, reverse the priorities there. Not quite warm enough today to be going for a jog without a shirt on~

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[The accidental recording starts with a loud... and very feminine growl of displeasure.  The voice though... does sound quite similar to Michael's.]

Alright... whoever replaced everything in my closet with a bunch of boy's clothes is going to pay...  I don't even care if it's the latest surprise in this little "experiment"- messing with a girl's wardrobe.  Is.  Not.  Cool.

[And soon after, you might encounter "Michelle" making a beeline for the clothing store and spending a good hour shopping, all the while bundled up to hide who it is beneath all those poorly fitting clothes.  Alternatively, Once she emerges from the dressing room, She can be found somewhere between Seventh Heaven getting coffee, All Passions shopping for more clothes, or just roaming around town, sharing her looks with everybody.

Also, while not technically a super-power- "Michelle" has mastered the sort of walk that manually puts songs like this into a guy's head.]

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So I've been mulling over this idea for a while- but before I take it any further, I want to see what sort of interest there might be in a little friendly competition- marksmanship, to be precise.  I am fairly certain that there are as many different weapons of choice here as there are people with a sharp eye and steady hand, but that's a hurdle for a little further into planning.

Unless anyone has any better ideas, I was thinking the Battle Dome would be perfect for arranging a multi-part competition.  And as that's about the only concrete detail I've nailed down so far, If anyone feels up to helping with planning an execution, I'd welcome it~
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[Early in the morning, residents of CH 7 might hear a scream through the walls, and/or see Michael in costume, slamming his way through doors on his way out.  Just... out.  Throughout the day, he'll be looking shaken, wandering between the main square, the forest immediately around town, and one or two returns home- which inevitably lead him to looking all the worse off.

Once the fog rolls back in come evening, Michael won't be bothering to return home at all- instead, he'll eventually find his way to the library, now looking shell-shocked AND like he just got out of a tough fight.]

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So, anyone up for practicing some squad tactics in the Battle Dome?  There's only so much a sniper can do in there with one hour and no front-liners.  I either need a few hours to stalk, fire, and repeat... or someone to draw fire for me.  [He chuckles weakly.]

Oh!  And Katara- let me know when you can meet me there too- I have an idea~
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Well... looks like my life is back to it's old routine- school, training, home, rinse, repeat.  Time to start mixing things up again I guess.

Anyone got ideas?

[Filtered to Grell]

I was thinking that dinner we discussed would be a good start.  It's the time of year when there's plenty of excuses to have a little fun- though it sounds like the Malnosso might have Halloween taken care of, like it or not.
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[He's already had a couple... adventures... with the random teleportations around Luceti.  And now it's time for him to have another.  He was so proud of his little firing range at the foot of the mountains.  He had considered seeing if the barracks had a range- but there's no way he could practice with these ranges inside a building.

And anything less would be an insult to the beautiful piece of work he held pressed to his shoulder.  Sir Catherine had been true to his word- this was the sort of firearm only the best of the best so much as got to look at.  Not that he wasn't the best of course- his line of work simply demanded firepower on a completely different scale.

Michael's attention was so focused on his chosen target, about 500 yards down range, that it takes him a second to register that he's staring through his scope at something- or someone- completely different.]

((ooc: and don't worry folks, good shooter that he is, he doesn't even have the safety off yet.))
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[The first half-minute or so consists mostly of a long string of expletives, and the sounds of a body working it's way gracelessly through heavy underbrush.  The hateful diatribe is punctuated by one word- it would hold no significance to any other ear in Luceti, but that one word holds more venom and hatred than everything said before it.]


[In the gray hours of the morning, Michael can be found working his way through the forest and back into town, looking haggard and angry, but otherwise none the worse for wear.  Someone finally met their friendly neighborhood robots.]
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[Michael holds his journal up and at arm's length, providing a clear view of the nearly barren bedroom behind him.  The furnishings consist of a futon rolled up in the corner, and a large military duffel bag hanging off the closet door, apparently serving as dirty laundry storage.]

Guess I've put this off long enough... but I don't suppose there's anyone out there with an eye for interior design... or is at least willing to help me drag some actual furniture up here~?

I'll be more than glad to work out some sort of compensation of course.  Most anything's fine as long as it's within the realm of my abilities.

[Edit: Text/Filtered to Katara]
So I'm told you're the one to talk to about getting some painting done?
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[Having already traded what he awoke in for his own slacks and black-and-red jacket, This latest arrival to the village might not be as clearly marked out as other New Feathers, but the presence of a new face, and one buried in his Journal when not scanning his new home in consternation, might well mark him out immediately to those who have spent some time here.]

"Hmm... I wasn't expecting much after all that... but this place, or anything remotely like it I could have never-Oof!"

[Most of his attention on the Guide he managed to find within the pages of his journal, Michael didn't notice anyone was in his path until he had already run headlong into you...]

"Owch, sorry about that...
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